Courses & Programs

The Stanwood-Camano School District offers students the opportunity to develop their career and college readiness skills in a variety of hands-on application based courses. These courses meet the CTE Credit Graduation requirement as well as the elective requirements. Many of these courses have been equivalency credited to meet the Fine Arts, Science, 3rd Year Math, and World Language requirements for High School Graduation and College admission. Along with this several of our courses have been articulated to provide students with FREE college credits for completing the skills standards within the course. Please take a moment to review what we have to offer:

CTE Course List with Credits they Satisfy
List of CTE Programs and Courses

Agriculture Education:
Agriculture Education courses at Stanwood High School provide students with the opportunity to explore and develop skills used in many industries. Through hands on, application based instruction these courses allow students to learn in an environment that closely resembles the world of work. Agriculture Education is not just about farming. We offer courses in Agriculture Science (Applied Science), Horticulture, Animal & Veterinary Science, Natural Resources, and Mechanical Technology (welding, machining, small gas engines, etc).

American Sign Language
The American Sign Language (ASL) program of study prepares students for college level training and eventual careers as Sign Language Interpreters. In this program, students learn American Sign Language skills to communicate with members the Deaf community by learning to "listen" with their eyes, and use their eyes, face, hands and body to communicate. The ASL program courses also satisfy the world language requirement for four-year college/university admissions.

Business Education
Through the Business and Finance program, students will recognize the power of various types of business applications software, and learn when and how to use each one appropriately to produce professional documents used in a business environment. Along with this the program offers students the opportunity to explore journalism, photo journalism, Webpage Design, App Development, Computer Programming, Game Design, Multimedia (Film Production), and more. . In addition, students will gain a working knowledge of the various steps of the accounting cycle, personal finance, and learn manual and computerized systems for business accounting.

Career Choices/ Work Based Learning
The Career Choices and Work Site Learning program at Stanwood High School facilitates students in the learning of how to obtain and maintain a job. Students can explore career opportunities and develop skills in how to find, apply, and maintain a job. Students can also earn credit for holding a job while attending school.

Family & Consumer Sciences (Culinary Arts)
The Family & Consumer Science Program at Stanwood High School focuses on Culinary Arts. This program of study provides hands-on training through individual and group lab activities in food preparation techniques, kitchen safety, equipment use, nutrition, menu planning, catering, food garnishing, business operations, and leadership development. Students will have opportunities to explore and prepare for careers in the restaurant and hospitality industry, as well as participate in catering projects, specialized field trips to culinary institutions, and local culinary competitions.

Fire Service Technology
The Fire Service Technology program is a unique offering for students interested in various careers within the Fire Service and Life Safety field. Located at the various Camano Island Fire & Rescue Stations and taught by professional firefighters, this program offers a combination of guest speakers, presentations, and hands-on experiences including the opportunity to experience live fire fighting conditions with Camano Island Fire & Rescue.

Health Occupations (Sports Medicine)
The Health Occupations is ideal for students interested in varied careers in healthcare such as Nursing, Medicine, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy, Diagnostic Imaging and many others. Through hands on applications in Sports Medicine, students learn skills in Therapeutic Medicine as well as skills that translate across all health occupations. Through courses such as Medical Terminology, students gain valuable knowledge that gives them a leg up on the competition as they enter post secondary training in the medical field.

Technology Education
The Technology Education Program at Stanwood High School provides students with the opportunity to explore Careers and Develop skills in the areas of Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, and Woodworking. Using state of the art software and equipment, students will design, build, and test a variety of projects to help them develop industry recognized skills.

Visual Communications
If you have ever wanted to do Art and make a living at it the Visual Communications program at Stanwood High School is for you. The program provides students the opportunity to develop skills in the areas of Graphic Arts and Photography. These are industry recognized skills that utilize the latest software, techniques, and equipment. Through hands on projects, students are able to put their skills to work in real world applications.