CTE Dual Credit

CTE Dual Credit
CTE Dual Credit courses align Career and Technical Education classes at Stanwood High School to courses offered at Everett Community College. The CTE Dual Credit program creates an opportunity for students to earn both high school credits for graduation while earning college credit. EvCC's CTE Dual Credit program is accessible to ALL high school students with no costs involved. Because there is no charge for college tuition and students do not need to purchase textbooks or provide transportation, the savings for students, parents and taxpayers is significant. CTE Dual Credit is an ideal opportunity for students.

Stanwood High Schools' Tech Prep Courses include:
Accounting (5 Credits)
Ag Mechanics (Up to 15 credits)
Career Choices (5 Credits)
Fire Service Training (11 Credits)
Engineering Design 1 (4 Credits)
Introduction to Business (4 Credits)
CAD/CAM (4 Credits)
Engineering Design 2 (4 Credits)
Medical Terminology (5 Credits)
Personal Finance (3 Credits)

More information can be found at:
Everett Community College CTE Dual Credit Website
Washington CTE Dual Credit Info
CTE Dual Credit Registration System (SERS)