TSA State Conference

TSA State Conference
Stanwood HS TSA Members
Last week Tristan Hanson and 23 students from Stanwood High School attended the Washington Technology Student Association State Conference in SeaTac. TSA allows students to take what they have learned in the Career & Technical Education program and apply those skills in a series of competitive events to test their technical, leadership, and employability skills.  The Stanwood chapter did extremely well this year. Please join us in congratulating these students: 
1st place
Architectural Design - Megan Holmes, Taylor Bradshaw
Engineering Design - Riley Pappas, Aidan Manzuk, Avery Yee 
2nd place
Manufacturing Prototype - Gracie Blue, Poppy Hanson, Collin Manzuk
Music Production - Daniel Blue
Promotional Design - Lindsey Khoury
Transportation Modeling - Jacob Daniels
3rd Place
CAD 3D Engineering - Megan Holmes 
Top 5 in State 
Fashion Design - Taylor Bradshaw, Poppy Hanson, Megan Holmes, Belle Rose
Manufacturing Prototype - Olivia Flickner, Natalie Linville