CTE is hands-on learning, real-life skills, and career exploration. Career and Technical Education (CTE - formerly referred to as vocational education) prepares students for life and a career after high school. Apprenticeships, technical schools, community colleges, military, or four-year universities are options that can be explored in our courses. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts are taught in many of our CTE courses and include a blend of academic, leadership, technical, and trade skills. Many CTE courses offer college credit through CTE Dual Credit at Everett Community College for free or at a greatly reduced rate.  In addition, CTE courses may be used to meet a students CTE, Personal Pathway, and Elective graduation requirements.  Further many courses may be used to meet core academic areas such as Fine Arts, Science, Math, and English through course equivalency.  

The definition of Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a planned program of courses and learning experiences that begin with exploration of career options. This supports basic academic and life skills and enables achievement of high academic standards. It encourages leadership skills, preparation for a live able wage employment as well as encourages advanced and continuing education.