Business, Marketing, Technology, & Visual Comm.

Through the Business, Marketing, Technology, and Visual Communications  program, students will recognize the power of various types of business applications software, and learn when and how to use each one appropriately to produce professional documents used in a business environment.  Along with this the program offers students the opportunity to explore journalism, photo journalism, Webpage Design, App Development, Computer Programming, Game Design, Multimedia (Film Production), Photography, Publishing, and more.  In addition, students will gain a working knowledge of the various steps of the accounting cycle, personal finance, and learn manual and computerized systems for business accounting.

Digital Design 

Design your own creations as a hobby or turn your marketable skills into a future job with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash! Develop your Graphic Design & Illustration skills.

Web-page Design
Design professional and personal websites using modern software and techniques. 

Learn to be a director, screenwriter, editor, sound designer, and cinematographer by creating your own videos and animations.

Computer Programing/ Game Design
Use the Unity game development ecosystem to learn about the game making process and make your own 2D or 3D games.

Computer Science
Expand your computer skills as you learn how to code, build computers, and more. 

Take, edit, and process photos using professional cameras and equipment. 

Take, edit, and process photos using professional cameras and equipment. 

Leave a lasting memory on your school as you create the Stanwood Epic Yearbook.   

Introduction to Business
Learn about the world of business, from how business operates to how to run one. 

Introduction to Marketing
Learn about the world of business & advertising for products, sports and entertainment.

Develop entry-level skills to be able to track your personal and business finances. 

Business English
Develop your skills in communicating in an applied setting for business & industry.  


Become a leader in the school and leave a lasting impact on your peers. 

Personal Finance
Learn about budgeting, credit, saving, taxes, investing, retirement & more!

Street Law
Study criminal, business, & civil law - speakers, mock trials & field trips to watch real trials bring it to life!  Learn about Careers in law.