Family & Consumer Science

The Family & Consumer Science Program at Stanwood High School focuses on Culinary Arts.  This program of study provides hands-on training through individual and group lab activities in food preparation techniques, kitchen safety, equipment use, nutrition, menu planning, catering, food garnishing, business operations, and leadership development. Students will have opportunities to explore and prepare for careers in the restaurant and hospitality industry, as well as participate in catering projects, specialized field trips to culinary institutions, and local culinary competitions. 
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Course Code: FCS350
Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Length of Class: Year-Long
Credit: 1 CTE
Prerequisite: None
Required: A $15 lab fee is required each semester
This course is for the student who is serious about food and the food industry. We will examine food-related careers, the flow of food from production to consumption, food safety issues, basic cooking techniques, food science and customer service. Students will be required to maintain a personal portfolio showing evidence of learning in each area explored through classroom activities. Each student will be offered the opportunity to acquire a food handler’s card. You will leave this course with a better understanding and appreciation for the role of food service workers in our society. You will also have knowledge and experience with industry standards and basic skills. If you are creative, willing to work and enjoy serving others, you are sure to enjoy this class. If you are a picky eater, this course is NOT for you!
Course Code: FCS450
Grade Level: 11, 12
Length of Class: Year-Long
Credit: 1 CTE
Prerequisite: Culinary Arts
Required: A $30 lab fee is required
This is a year-long course ONLY for student who have completed Introduction to Culinary Arts.  This course will focus on the creative aspects of cooking, as well as principles of food science, customer service and professionalism in the food service industry.  We will study techniques of seasoning, functions of proteins in foods, international cuisine and many other food service related topics.  Several times throughout the year we will be catering events, allowing students to truly experience the intricacies of planning with a client, preparing, plating, serving, cleaning up and evaluating an event.  Students will be expected to complete one major research project.