American Sign Language

The American Sign Language (ASL) program of study prepares students for college level training and eventual careers as Sign Language Interpreters.  In this program, students learn American Sign Language skills to communicate with members the Deaf community by learning to "listen" with their eyes, and use their eyes, face, hands and body to communicate.  
The ASL program courses also satisfy the world language requirement for four-year college/university admissions. 
Additionally courses with a  logo allow students to earn FREE college credits.

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Transcript Designation   B
Course Code: ASL220
Grade Level: 10, 11
Length of Class: Year-Long
Credit: 1 World Language or CTE
Prerequisite: None

Beginning class of American Sign Language offers an opportunity to learn to communicate with the deaf. Finger spelling, basic vocabulary, as well as some grammatical aspects of ASL will be covered. In addition, this course will provide an introduction to the deaf culture, signing systems used other than ASL, and the psychological aspects of deafness.

Transcript Designation   B
Course Code: ASL340
Grade Level: 11, 12
Length of Class: Year-Long
Credit: 1 World Language or CTE
Prerequisite:  ASL I

Students will continue to work on the grammar and structure of sentences in ASL, finger spelling and vocabulary. Emphasis will be placed on developing expressive vocabulary. Students will modify stories to ASL and will sign the story. This will be videotaped for others to watch. The class will only be taught in ASL. Students will be required to communicate in ASL.